Simple CI with git hooks for your rails projects

In the past I have used jenkins for CI in my projects with little success. I think it was mainly because of my own sloppy setup.

However this time I wanted to do CI in the most simple way. I did some research and found this good post The following setup is different that the one in the above blog post, but the idea is the same, have your CI run on your local machine rather than have a server for it.

I have used pre-commit hooks in the past. It sounds nice till you want to do a quick commit and you use --no-verify and once you do that you start doing the same for subsequent commits.

For this I use a post-commit hook which triggers our CI build in the background logging all the info to /tmp/ci.log. This avoids unnecessary friction. So, when I commit it doesn't take forever, it happens instantly. The commit gets recorded. And then, in a background process my railsci script runs all the tests.

This is the post-commit hook. I tried to keep it minimal so as to make the setup easy and maintainable across different projects.

#Author: Khaja Minhajuddin

#run our ci script with the right info
railsci "$(git log -1 HEAD --format=%H)" "$(pwd)" 1>> /tmp/ci.log 2>&1  &
echo "TRIGGERED ci build in the background, check /tmp/ci.log"

The railsci script too is pretty straightforward,

  1. It tags your commit as processing-#{buildid}, where buildid is a random hex id.
  2. Creates a folder called /tmp/#{buildid}, and clones your git repo there.
  3. Creates a new unique test database with a name app_name_test_#{buildid}.
  4. Runs all your tests and tags your commit as failed-#{buildid} if the tests fail.
  5. Removes the processing.. tag
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#Author: Khaja Minhajuddin
#Date: 2012 Dec 24
#Script to run a ci build on the local computer after a commit is made

require 'securerandom'
require 'fileutils'

CommitHash = ARGV.shift
Repodir    = ARGV.shift
Buildid    = SecureRandom.hex
DbConfig   = "config/database.yml"
Tmpdir     = File.join('/tmp', Buildid)


puts "started build for repo:#{Repodir} commit:#{CommitHash} buildid:#{Buildid}"
#helper functions
def run(arg)
  puts "RUNNING #{arg}"
  system("#{arg} 2>&1")

def untag(tag)
  Dir.chdir Repodir
  run("git tag -d '#{tag}'")
  Dir.chdir Tmpdir
def tag(tag, msg)
  Dir.chdir Repodir
  run("git tag -a '#{tag}' -m '#{msg}'")
  Dir.chdir Tmpdir
#checkout a shallow version in a tmp directory
tag "processing-#{Buildid}", "Running tests for build"
run("git clone #{Repodir} #{Tmpdir}")
#cd to this directory
#trust rvmrc
run("rvm rvmrc trust #{Tmpdir}")
#checkout the right commit
run("git checkout #{CommitHash} -b #{Buildid}")
run("bundle install")
#tweak database.yml
File.write(DbConfig, File.readlines(DbConfig).map {|x| x =~ /database:/ ? x.gsub('test', "test_#{Buildid}") :x }.join)
#migrate db
run("RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate")
#run specs
puts "Running tests"
if run("RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rspec spec")
  system("notify-send --urgency=low -i 'terminal' 'Tests passed for the commit - #{CommitHash}'")

  #tag the commit as a failure
  tag "failed-#{Buildid}" , "Failed build"
  system("notify-send --urgency=low -i 'error' 'Tests failed for - #{CommitHash}'")
untag "processing-#{Buildid}"
#drop database
run("RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:drop")
#add a pass fail tag to the original repo
puts "Finished build for repo:#{Repodir} commit:#{CommitHash} buildid:#{Buildid}"

All of this runs behind the scenes without you even noticing it, if everything is good. You would find a failed-#{buildid} tag only if the tests fail. It's working great for me. Hope it helps you guys :)

Update: Fixed redirection in git hook and added a way to notify when the tests are executed

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