How to dump a partial/sample table(1000 rows) in postgres using pg_dump

The other day, I wanted to export a sample of one of my big Postgres tables from the production server to my local computer. This was a huge table and I didn’t want to move around a few GBs just to get a sample onto my local environment. Unfortunately pg_dump doesn’t support exporting of partial tables. I looked around and found a utility called pg_sample which is supposed to help you with this. However, I wasn’t comfortable with installing this on my production server or letting my production data through this script. Thinking a little more made the solution obvious. The idea was simple:

  1. Create a table called tmp_page_caches where page_caches is the table that you want to copy using pg_dump using the following SQL in psql, this gives you a lot of freedom on SELECTing just the rows you want.
    CREATE TABLE tmp_page_caches AS (SELECT * FROM page_caches LIMIT 1000);
  2. Export this table using pg_dump as below. Here we are exporting the data to a sql file and transforming our table name to the original table name midstream.
    pg_dump app_production --table tmp_page_caches | sed 's/public.tmp_/public./' > page_caches.sql
  3. Copy this file to the local server using scp and now run it against the local database:
    scp .
    psql app_development < page_caches.sql
  4. Get rid of the temporary table on the production server
    DROP TABLE tmp_page_caches; -- be careful not to drop the real table!

Voila! We have successfully copied over a sample of our production table to our local environment. Hope you find it useful.

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