hookup hotkeys to swap active machine in synergy

I have a Windows workstation and an Ubuntu laptop. And I use them simultaneously at work. Using two keyboards and mice can be a pain. And that’s when I found Synergy. Once you setup synergy you can use one keyboard/mouse to manage both your computers. It works like a dual monitor setup, only that the other monitor is a different machine.

I am a keyboard person and moving the mouse over to the next screen to use the other machine is …. well, It’s not enjoyable. Synergy makes it very easy to hookup hotkeys to be able to do things. You can add the following code to the synergy configy file which is located at C:\Users\minhajuddin\Documents\synergy.sgc if you are using a windows machine as the synergy server.

section: options
    keystroke(Alt+\u006B) = ; switchInDirection(right)
    keystroke(Alt+\u006A) = ; switchInDirection(left)

Now when you hit Alt+k you’re active machine will be changed to the one on the right, Alt+j will change it to the one on the left.

By the way, if you don’t know anything about synergy and want to get started with it, checkout How to configure Synergy in six steps

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