software developer's obsession with ninjas and rockstars

We software developers are so obsessed with trying to be cool that we forget who we are. I am sure many of you have seen phrases like javascript ninja/C# ninja/ php rockstar developer (with a silhouette of a rockstar) on various websites.

Think about what these phrases mean for a second.

Why the hell would I call myself a javascript ninja, instead of a javascript developer or a javascript hacker?

Is it because javascript ninja sounds cooler?

Does it mean that I would rather be a ninja than a javascript developer?

I get pissed off whenever I see a guy who gets his body peirced or calls himself a rockstar developer or calls himself some ninja just to look cool.

We are not ninjas or rockstars, we are programmers/developers/hackers and we need to be proud of that. Intel gets this right: Our rock stars are’nt like your rockstars.

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