mind stack, a stack of your thoughts and tasks

As a developers, we are always bombarded with information/tasks/thoughts/ideas. And at times, it’s very difficult to remember these things. On a lot of occasions, I start doing task X and in the middle of it, I remember that I need to “fix something urgently”, so I stop doing X and move to the Urgent task Y, when I am done with Y I have difficulty remembering what I was doing before that. This is just when I have two tasks, but the level of nesting can sometimes go a lot deeper.

That’s when I read a blog post(can’t remember where), which talked about saving your state of mind(on post-it notes or notebooks or whatever). And, it has helped me a lot. I also created a little bash script which helps me save my state of mind. I’ve been using it for a long time and it has served me well. I am posting it on github hoping that others may find it useful. You can check it out at Mind::Stack .

I also have the following line in my .xmobarrc so that I can see the top 3 tasks in my status bar.


, Run Com "/home/minhajuddin/.scripts/s" ["top"] "slotter" 600

Screenshot of my xmobar

Mindstack xmobar screenshot

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