How to integrate a simple contact form on your blog or website

Here is a simple tool which I built, which allows you to setup a simple contact form in a jiffy. Well, you may ask: How is it different than the popular solutions like wufoo and google document forms?


It’s flexible and It gets out of your way!

It doesn’t force you to use styles from some generic templates, Using Simple Form you can hand craft your html form without the annoying iframes. Simple Form just needs the correct form action and method. The rest of the html is in your control.

Simple Form allows you to setup forms with any kind of data (other than file uploads) in 2 easy steps:

Setup your form using the following code:

<form action="<form_api_token>" method="post">

<!-- the redirect_to is optional, the form will redirect to the referrer on submission -->
<input type='hidden' name='redirect_to' value='<the complete return url e.g.>' />

<!-- all your input fields here.... -->
<input type='text' name='test' />

<input type='submit' value='Test form' />

Start tracking your form submissions from this url:< api_token> You will also get an email whenever a new form entry is made

Here is an example form: ,Hope you find it useful

I am currently working on LiveForm which makes setting up contact forms on your website a breeze.