How to use pianobar with a socks5 proxy to play pandora

I love pandora, However, I live in India where pandora is doesn’t stream. I got around this by proxying over socks5. Here is how you can do it.

  1. First you need access to a socks 5 proxy, If you have an ssh server running in the US or any country where pandora streams, you can spin up a proxy connection by running the following command ssh -D 1337 -f -C -q -N
  2. Once you have this running you’ll need to change your pianobar config to make it use this proxy
    # ~/.config/pianobar/config
    password = yoursecretpasswordinplaintext
    user = youremail
    proxy = socks5://localhost:1337/

Once you have this setup, you can just run the pianobar command and it will start playing your favorite music.

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