Tip #1 to become a <del>good</del> blogger

Hey all, My last post was about three months ago and that was the time when I! thought that I would start blogging full time. I meant every word of what I said. But, hey, that’s not what happened! I didn’t blog for a full 3 months, that is like a .. decade in the blogosphere.

Anyway, the reasons for this are quite simple. Being a programmer, I thought it would be awesome if I had my own blogging application. And how hard can a blogging app be. Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. So, my first tip to become a good blogger, Nah a blogger is, don’t try to build your own blogging application to host your blog. Even if you think you are the smartest man on this planet ( I never thought I was ). Try to make posting blogs as simple as it can be. Ridiculously simple. Only then you’ll be able to post blog posts frequently.

That’s what I did, I setup wordpress on one of my linux servers. Made a few tweaks and bam, there was my blog. I am hopeful that I will be able to post more often. But, anyway, that’s Tip #1 to become a blogger.

Till next time!

[@minhajuddin ]

Hello world!

Well, that sounds too cliched, But what the heck I am a programmer!

Now, after listening to @shansxelman’s presentation on social media for developers at neuronspark.com, I have planned to try blogging. This is not a new thing for me, I have already done some blogging (@ http://minhajuddin.blogspot.com) when I was working on a tool called datastage. But that was on some thing which was, let’s say not that fun. I quit blogging right when I dumped Datastage.

After jumping into the exciting world of web applications, there was so much to learn! I kept thinking that I would start blogging once things got a bit steady (read “when I had learnt everything”). But, now it seems that things never get steady and you never stop learning in the “.com world”. All I needed was a little push, which Scott thankfully provided. You aren’t supposed to put in a lot of code in your “Hello, World!” code, so I am gonna end this post right away! On a side note I created this web page blog post using a simple text editor. In the future I’ll be posting blogs using a more advanced framework which I am working on @MBlog. It’s being developed using ASP.NET MVC w00t!