My Projects

I have built a lot of products and worked on a lot of customer projects in my time as a Programmer. Here is a list of the interesting ones.


This project is still under development. It makes static site generators more accessible to the general public.


websrvr allows you to manage your site through Dropbox. You can create and manage your websites without ever opening the websrvr app. You just edit them on your local computer and they are automatically updated on our webservers via Dropbox.

simple form

simple form allows you to add a contact form to your websites easily. It gives you a form action which can be used with any kind of form (including forms with file inputs).

simple site is a powerful and flexible CMS which allows you to design a website by using Data Models. The content editors can then manage the content using these data models without touching the HTML code.


redirectapp is a simple web application which allows you to setup redirects for your domains easily.


testready is a an application which allows schools, colleges and training institutes to create mock tests. When a student finishes an exam, it shows them areas of improvement.


schoolone is a communication platform which can be used by schools to improve communication between Students, Teachers and Parents.


simplemessage is a hosted web application which allows you to send SMS messages to your contacts or groups with ease and total control.

Miscellaneous utilities


Simple command line utility to manage your tasks

Encodes(Cloaks) your binary files into base64 text files and then can decode them back to their binary versions.

Finds and prints all the links on a website.


A small dependency injection package for Golang

A small app which shows all the files in a git repository in a single readable page.

A Rails like config loader written for Golang with support for different environments.

A simple cli app which allows you to log your time and analyze it.

I am currently working on LiveForm which makes setting up contact forms on your website a breeze.