synergy server debugging tips

I’ve been using Synergy to work seamlessly across my ubuntu and windows 7 machines.

Recenty I changed my ubuntu box to the synergy server, and the synergy server was crashing without all the time. Looking into the logs (/var/log/syslog) didn’t show anything, I was left scratching my head for a long time. Then I realized that the synergys can be executed in foreground using the -f flag. I executed synergys -f -c /etc/synergy.conf and there it was, when I switched the computer using a hotkey it crashed. But this time, it wrote the actual error on the screen, so I could investigate more and fix it. So, the next time your synergy server keeps crashing and you don’t find anything in the logs run it in foreground and see what’s going on :)

By the way, the synergy binaries in the ubuntu repositories are very old, you should download the binaries from their site

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