the problem with yet another *

Naming is a very hard problem, everyone who has named a company/product/child knows that. A good name can often be a motivating factor for a product. And seeing people name their products Yet Another X makes me mad! I mean these guys are putting in so much effort in building these products and they can’t figure out a decent name! Naming something Yet Another X is mostly the easiest thing to do. But, before you do that just think about how it would sound when you ask someone to use “Yet Another Blogging Engine” or “Yet Another IRC Client” (Hey checkout this awesome “Yet Another Blogging Engine”). Or think about asking a guy to help you with “Yet Another Something”, Why would anyone want to (buy/use/work) do that, when they can get the original?

Any product worth your effort deservers a better name, Any product with this kind of name doesn’t deserve to be used. Period.

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